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CEIP Colegio Manuel Nuñez de Arenas

Colegio Manuel Nuñez de Arenas is a primary/infancy school in the south-east suburbs of Madrid. 230 students attend primary courses (6 - 12 years old) and educational staff is composed by 14 internal teachers and 7 external teachers (on musical subjects).

The area in which the school is located suffers from socio-economic hardships. 41% of the population has non-Spanish origins (17% immigrant population; 34% gypsy) and, there are widespread situations of marginal conditions and risk of social exclusion.

Students often face problems such as lack of educational interest, as they do not understand training as a vehicle for personal change and are not fully autonomous and precarious and closed families’ environments that do not encourage models of change.

The school's ability in coordinating activities in collaboration with the parents' association allowed to expand the contacts and experiences: in 2018 the twinning in coexistence experience between the school and the Italian Pequenas Huellas association made possible to work on the Abreu method (41 Italian musicians were hosted in the homes of the Spanish families). This experience suggested the development of a specific parents’ association committed on musical training Crecer con Musica (association by 2019).

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