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Pequeñas Huellas

Pequenas Huellas Onlus Association – literally “small footprints” is a non-profit institution, which pursues the protection of civil rights and the promotion of musical culture in childhood and youth. 

The association, founded by Sabina Colonna-Preti, was firstly launched in 2004 in Cuba and then formally established in 2008 in Turin metropolitan area (Verolengo Municipality), with the aim of promoting the minors rights through the universal language of music.

The educational initiative, which follows the work of José Antonio Abreu (founder of EL SISTEMA) among children from the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, is based on learning and practicing a choral and orchestral repertoire aiming, at the same time, to contribute at the personal growth process of beneficiary children, introducing them to the universal musical tradition and academic music. Its activity is developed both directly with schools and organisations and indirectly, events and projects, supporting initiatives focused on music and human rights.

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